Teachers for Tomorrow provides temporary and permanent qualified staff to childcare centers in the greater Minneapolis area. Well trained substitute teachers serve a very important role in your classrooms.

Teachers for Tomorrow is your FREE insurance plan for those days when your employees are not able to be in their classrooms. As teachers strive to enrich the lives of their students, they depend on these highly qualified substitute teachers to keep good instruction flowing during their absence. Once you have signed up, it does not commit you to using our services for any period of time, it just means you can immediately start using our services without letting any paperwork get in the way. We will be able to respond to your request for placement immediately.

At Teachers For Tomorrow, we understand the difficulties when a team member calls in from work or needs to take a temporary leave of absence. We truly understand the stress it puts on the whole center! We have the most thorough recruitment process, and our placement process is EASY, EFFECTIVE, and ECONOMICAL for all involved.

Becoming a Contracted Childcare Customer is quick and easy!

  • Step 1


  • Step 2

    We email a contract to you

  • Step 3

    You review, sign and return to us

  • Step 4

    We visit your center and hand deliver your contract

  • Step 5

    We start placing subs in your center!

Become a contracted
childcare customer

How much does hiring a substitute
really cost your school?

Pay Rate

12 - 15% for taxes


administrative costs

time and money
for advertising

time and money for
teacher training

Leave it up to us and
you will spend less!

Our recruiters at Teachers For Tomorrow take pride in interviewing substitute candidates in accordance with state rules and regulations. No candidate can work for Teachers For Tomorrow unless they meet all the requirements of the state and what we have put in place. Once approved, Teachers For Tomorrow will load the substitute into our database for placement.

All educators that are hired by Teachers for Tomorrow have extensive training in the founders very own childcare centers. We continue training our staff throughout each year they are hired with us!

All of our staff members at Teachers For Tomorrow are dedicated to go the distance to make sure you get the educators you need, WHEN you need them.


Teachers For Tomorrow (TFT) has immediate placement for Directors, Lead Teachers, Assistant Teachers and Aides Serving child care centers, ECFE, Preschools and Head Start Programs around the MN Metro Area.

Become a contracted
childcare customer

Here is what our partner centers are saying
about us!

  • I have been so impressed with “Teachers for Tomorrow” from the very first phone conversation.  I’ve worked with a couple of other temp agencies and have never seen the care and dedication from the staff or the company that I have with you.  You really care about placing the right teacher with the right qualifications in the right class of kids.  Your personal attention to detail makes a world of difference!  I will be recommending you to every Director I know.

    - Jessica Bohnsack, Director– Little Saints Preschool, Prior Lake

  • We have used Teachers for Tomorrow on many occasions and have been very impressed with the well qualified and knowledgeable substitute staff that they have provided. The quality of the staff have helped us maintain the high standards that we have even in times of transition.  Teachers for Tomorrow is committed to providing teachers that are reliable and professional. We would recommend Teachers for Tomorrow to anyone who needs high quality substitute staff.

    - Tracy Smith-Children of Tomorrow-Waconia, MN

  • It is a comforting to know that I can depend on Teachers for Tomorrow to find me professional, responsible, and dependable substitutes for my classrooms. Aleta (owner) takes pride in her company and it shows through the thorough training the staff have.

    - Judy Madera – Koala Bear- Spring Lake Park, MN

  • Teachers for Tomorrow has provided a valuable service to our Early Learning Center. Every teacher they’ve sent to us has been highly trained, professional, and focused on the job. We have been thrilled with the high level of competency and skill in these teachers! From the contact we’ve had with the admin side through the teachers arriving at our school, the consistency that TFT has been able to provide us is great! We are so happy to finally have a solution when multiple teachers call in sick or a long-term leave of absence takes place. Thank you TFT!

    - Melissa Semira – Children of Tomorrow – Chanhassen, MN

  • Prestige Preschool Academy is so excited we discovered Teachers for Tomorrow! We have thoroughly enjoyed the teachers they send to us. They are attentive, experienced, trained, and outgoing! Before working with Teachers for Tomorrow, we were struggling with staffing on a day to day basis. Once they were able to provide us with subs, we were (and are), able to focus on our administrative duties with full confidence that the subs were working cohesively with our teachers. If you are considering partnering with Teachers for Tomorrow and would like to speak to us firsthand, we are more than happy to answer any questions!

    - Katie Blank (Center Director)

  • Teachers for Tomorrow has been a great asset in helping me run a small childcare center. I have utilized substitutes for both short-term and long-term situations and they have provided me with trained teachers. Not only is it comforting to know their teachers are screened and trained prior to us using them, but it has saved me a lot of time and stress in trying to find training for substitutes! I cannot thank them enough for helping me through one of my staff member’s maternity leave. They provided me with a very well trained teacher who not only excelled in the classroom, but brought me new ideas and resources. I will continue to use them in times of need and feel very confident in the teachers they provide.

    - Laura Wendland – Little Lambs – Hutchinson, MN

Become a contracted
childcare customer

Frequently Asked

Do you place in public schools and early learning centers?

TFT will contract with early learning centers ONLY. Our company prides ourselves on the training and orientation for early learning and will not be working with the public school system at any time.

How can we be sure that the TFT substitute understands our curriculum and can carry out the lessons provided?

Our TFT substitutes have experience with a variety of curriculum philosophies. We cannot guarantee they will be an expert on every aspect of your specific program. TFT instructs its employees to follow the curriculum and lesson plans of the school they are placed in. We provide each center a fact sheet that we send to our substitutes to help their success while at your location.

How will I know that we are getting qualified employees?

Our TFT recruiters do extensive screening and background checking of our applicants before they become part of our sub pool. They conduct 3 very thorough interviews with the applicants; obtain their background checks; make sure that their health screening (where applicable) and TB testing are completed; verify their transcripts and E.C.E. course work; validate the authenticity of their educational certificates if they are from foreign institutions; verify their employment record, etc. In addition, TFT requires each applicant to go through an on-site 3 day orientation session at a childcare center that covers every important aspect of each age level of the child care work environment. As standard practice, we will email you all TFT substitutes employee file with all of the necessary documents to prove they fully satisfy all licensing requirements.

Can we place orders after hours?

Yes. You can place a request on our website or leave a message with our staff recruiter.

How does the substitute hours get clocked?

Every TFT employee has an app on their phone that they clock in and out with. The employee electronic timecard that is entered based on their clock in/out and placement requested will get approved before employee gets paid and center gets billed.

How do the centers get billed?

Every 2 weeks the centers will get an invoice based on the substitute teachers hours worked. These invoices are due upon receipt.

What costs will I save by using TFT?

When you use a teacher from TFT it is usually because you have an absence with a current team member on your staff. If you were to fill that vacancy yourself you would incur all of the following costs:

  • Director Hourly Wage
  • Payroll taxes (Social Security, Medicare, Federal UI, State UI, etc.)
  • Benefit Costs
  • Paid Vacation
  • Work Comp Premiums

In addition to avoiding all of the above costs, using TFT will also save you money by reducing over-time for your staff, costly employment ads in the newspaper, reducing your payroll processing costs, and allowing you to easily adjust your staffing levels to match fluctuating enrollment.

How quickly can you fulfill an order for a substitute?

We try and get a substitute placed as soon as we can. Of course, the more advance notice you can give, the higher the likelihood of finding an exact match for your request.

Will I be under some obligation to use your service, if I sign up now?

No, there is no obligation. Signing a contract is absolutely FREE. It does not commit you to using our services for any period of time. It just allows TFT to complete some necessary paperwork and lay out our policies and procedures as you use our company. If you have a contract signed, and you have a staffing need, all your paperwork will be in place so we can respond to your request immediately.